Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Online Secretary – Wise Decision in These Turbulent Times

Warren Buffett, the legendary investor and one of the strongest expert voices coming out of the United States has dismissed the widespread notion that recession has ended.

"We're still in a recession" Buffett told CNBC television in a recent interview. He added: "We're not gonna be out of it for a while, but we will get out."

Such an expert opinion must not be disregarded outright. Let us accept the fact that the worst of economic downturn taught every organization to be lean, mean and fighting fit at all times i.e. cut costs as far as possible.

Cutting cost would mean looking for newer alternatives to the traditional ones which have become outdated and a burden in the present scenario. Outsourcing non-core activities has always benefited an organization when it comes to saving costs. E.g. a personal secretary can give way to the new age ‘Online Secretary'.

And you stand to lose nothing in the process…

An online secretary adds tremendous value to an organization and is capable to perform all the functions expected out of a regular office secretary. These are amongst the most sought after Virtual Assistant (VA) services of today.

The only difference is perhaps the fact that an office secretary is physically available in your office whereas the virtual assistant could be assisting you from miles away. Thanks to the internet and its widespread reach that becomes a non-factor as well. Your virtual personal assistant can execute all your tasks with the same flair and timeliness as a normal office assistant. Here is how a virtual office secretary adds value in comparison to an office secretary:

  • Managing an online secretary is a lot easier as there is no pressure in terms of non-availability arising out of leaves, absence, etc.
  • Hiring an online secretary saves you a lot on infrastructure as they work out of their own office space.
  • Expenses on account of attrition, hiring, training of resources are saved when opting for virtual assistant services.
  • Top VA companies provide virtual secretaries with a wide array of expertise which can again value add to your business.
  • With an expert professional handling your non-core activities such as secretarial duties, your business can now renew its focus towards other important areas of operation.

With a few of the benefits outlined above it becomes quite evident that the virtual assistant services are here to stay for long and will continue to deliver rock solid support to organizations looking for cost-cutting measures in these turbulent times.

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