Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tips to Create a Search Engine Friendly Website

Have you ever wondered why your website does not emerge in search engine results page when searching for terms related to your business? The answer is simple! Your website lacks in ranking, vital keywords list, profound study of the ruling competition and other tactics that would have given you an idea of the present situation.

Creating a search engine friendly website is not a rocket science but a process that needs to be followed in a proper manner. Here's a list of effective tips to create a search engine friendly website.

  1. Efficient Keyword Research: - Keyword research plays a vital role in determining the ranking of your website on search engines. With wrong targeted keywords, the search engines and your clients may never be able to find you. This means putting lots of advertising dollars at risk and wasting time and energy to get your site on top rank with wrong targeted keywords. In this competitive business world, you can't afford to do that. Therefore make a right selection of keywords to attain top rankings on search engines. You can use Google Adwords keyword tool to find suitable keywords.
  2. Sitemap Creation: - Search engines offer webmasters to submit a sitemap that mirrors the site structure in a well manner. XML sitemaps or Google sitemaps enables search engine spiders to crawl the site as well as reduces the probability of a spider missing a particular page and not counting it in the index.
  3. HTML Validations: - There should be no errors in your HTML codes. HTML validation and CSS validation helps cross-browser, cross-platform future compatibility and search engine visibility.
  4. Use Plain text: - Always remember the fact that search engine software can only read simple, normal and unadulterated text. That’s why never over design website with too many images or flash clips as they may cause the robots to bypass your website.
  5. Navigation System: - Extreme use of JavaScript or any other scripting language increases the load time of websites and irritates the user. If you want to boost your website traffic then avoid using of these languages.

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