Monday, October 11, 2010

Online Reputation Management – Need of the Hour

Are you head over heels in love with the internet? We bet you are. So are we…

Internet has spread its tentacles to all corners of the globe and brought about so many positive developments all around us. Restricting ourselves to one such positive, let us explore how the internet has helped shape the modern day marketing strategies of various organizations.

An online identity in the form of a website is a must-have for every organization. You stand to lose a priceless advantage by not tapping on to the colossal number of potential consumers for your products/services. Having said that, it must also be clarified that the presence on the internet, especially what we call search engine reputation management must be flawless or else it can be counter-productive and do more damage than good.

Picture this: I have access to the internet, I am looking for ‘computer manufacturers florida’, I run this search string on (the big Daddy of Search Engines), I come across many results and your website mention is in the Top 10 results and Bang! You are Ecstatic!! Aren't you? You thank your seventh heaven for the ace Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy you adopted. But hey, have a closer look, the mere mention of your website or company is not enough, it could be a negative propaganda run by your competitor to malign the reputation of the Brand you built so tirelessly. You cannot afford to risk potential clients/customers stumbling upon this tarnished online reputation and creating that unthinkable distance from your organization.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently.~ Warren Buffett

Now what can you do?
Building a positive campaign via SEO is in your hands, so is the goodwill around your business but what happens when you are a victim of something called ‘discreet defamation’ at the hands of competition?

Your business; its brand value & sales can all sky-rocket in the wake of a sound Online Reputation Management (ORM) strategy. A strong online reputation of your business would eventually carve out that positive brand equity for your organization. Many world-class firms expertising in ORM Services have come up in the light of the growing demand for Online Reputation Management Services.

Trust an expert to deliver the Best for your business. Go for a reputed ORM Service Provider now.