Monday, June 15, 2009

Growing role of VAs

With growing demands from consumers, recession environment, pressures on cost and budgets, its imperative for a business to find ways of getting work done by the right people at the right cost and within expected timeline.

VAs help resolve the problem as they are adept at their work, they are available at much lower cost and do not bring the burden of office expenditure. Virtual assistance is now available in all essential areas of business operations.

Every growing venture requires, admin, web research, web design, some small programming, payroll management, order processing and many such un avoidable tasks. VA companies are now scaling up to handle complete operations outsourcing. Many VAs companies like India based XceedAgents have now expanded their service portfolio to provide a range of Virtual assistants.

XceedAgents also provides sales assistants who can help a growing company increase reach and generate much larger number of leads. The company works with many software product and design companies to provide a team of virtual sales assistants to create databases, make cold calls and set up hot leads for the onsite sales team.

The VA trend is on the rise and is expected to grow tremendously in the coming years.