Thursday, November 5, 2009

VA Services are Changing Business Scenario

Using VA services for business operations is increasing and changing the way business processes work. Recession has played a major role in creating more demand for virtual assistant services and it is now a multi-million dollar industry. Virtual assistants are capable of handling not only administrative but also technical and more specialized web design and development tasks.

Tasks that were strictly considered in-house and operations like accounting, book keeping, web content writing or online promotional activities, are now efficiently handled by expert VAs. Find out how you can reduce your operation costs by outsourcing your important, but time consuming tasks to XceedAgents. Visit and you can actually try their services for as low as US $ 120 for 20 hours of work.

Social Networking and Virtual Assistants

Internet has revolutionized every aspect of our life but the impact that it has on our business is immense. It has completely changed the way we work, interact and take decisions. Social Networking and Virtual Assistant services have emerged as a vast opportunity for entrepreneurs to build and grow their business.

Social Networking is now an inherent part of our day-to-day life. A large number of professionals are now relying social networking sites for information. Entrepreneurs are now using it as an effective marketing and advertising tool. Started as an entertainment and networking tool, it is now considered as an alternative to traditional marketing strategies. Sites like,, and others are now being used extensively as marketing / advertising tools by the corporate world.

Professional Virtual Assistant service is another business phenomenon that has been enabled by the ubiquitous presence of Internet. Remote Virtual assistants are capable of providing every kind of administrative, technical and specialized services through the Internet. Virtual assistant services help small and medium size entrepreneurs to save time and money by assigning tasks to experts.

XceedAgents, an India based provider of professional VA services offers admin, technical, sales and web development services under one umbrella. You can also get assistance for building and managing your social networking campaign. XceedAgents can make you and your business highly efficient and profitable.